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The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years series of interventions offers a comprehensive set of solutions for parents, teachers, and children to address early onset conduct problems and promote social competence in young children. The Incredible Years series operates on two primary goals. The first goal is to provide cost-effective, early prevention programs for all families and teachers of young children to promote social, emotional, and academic competence and to prevent children from developing conduct disorder problems. The second goal is to provide comprehensive interventions for teachers and parents to treat and reduce early onset conduct disorder problems in young children ages 2 to 8. To meet these goals, The Incredible Years series incorporates complimentary training programs for parents, teachers, and children. The Incredible Years Parent Training Series focuses on strengthening parenting skills, (for example, monitoring, positive discipline, and confidence) and fostering parents’ involvement in children’s school experiences. The Incredible Years Teacher Training Series focuses on strengthening teacher classroom management strategies, promoting children’s prosocial behavior and school readiness, and reducing classroom aggression and noncooperation. The Incredible Years Child Training Series offers curriculums for counselors, therapists, and teachers to (1) treat aggressive children in small groups and (2) provide classroom-based preventative interventions that strengthen children’s social, emotional, and academic competencies.


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How it Operates

The Incredible Years series of interventions incorporates complimentary training programs for parents, teachers, and children. Interventions are grounded in cognitive social learning theory and cognitive strategies for challenging negative self-talk and increasing parenting self-esteem and confidence. Program providers are generally assumed to be drawn from professionals with higher degrees or diplomas in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, or counseling and with experience working with parents.

The Incredible Years Parent Training Series includes three programs for children ages 3-12: the Preschool BASIC Parent Program, the School Age BASIC Parent Program, and the ADVANCED Parent Program. The Preschool BASIC Parent Program targets parents of youth ages 3-6. The program consists of 18 sessions, covering topics such as strengthening children’s social, emotion regulation, and school readiness skills; encouraging cooperative behavior; and positive discipline. An optional home visitor coaching model is available to deliver the Preschool BASIC Parent Program to parents who are unable to attend parent groups or who need additional coaching at home with their children.

The School Age BASIC Parent Program targets parents of children ages 6-12. The program consists of 12-16 sessions, covering topics such as promoting positive behaviors, reducing inappropriate behaviors, and supporting a child’s education.

The ADVANCED Parent Program also targets parents of children ages 6-12. The program, consisting of 9-12 sessions, builds on the School Age BASIC Parent Program by focusing on parent interpersonal issues such as effective communication and problem solving skills, anger management, and ways to give and get support.

The Incredible Years Teacher Training Series consists of the Teacher Classroom Management Program, targeting teachers of children ages 3-8. During 6 full-day monthly workshops, teachers and other school personnel working with young children learn the importance of teacher attention, encouragement, and praise; how to motivate children through incentives; strategies for preventing behavior problems; strategies for decreasing students’ inappropriate behaviors; and strategies for building positive relationships with children.

The Incredible Years Child Training Series includes two programs: the Child Dinosaur Treatment Program and the Child Dinosaur Classroom Program. The Child Dinosaur Treatment Program targets “difficult” and highly aggressive children ages 4-8 years. The program consists of 18-22 two-hour small group therapy sessions ideally offered in conjunction with Incredible Years parent training programming.

The Child Dinosaur Classroom Program is a classroom-based prevention program that targets students ages 3-8. The 3 year curriculum, delivered in 2-3 lessons per week, includes circle time lessons followed by small group activities and promotion of skills throughout the school day. Parents are also provided with updates of the strategies learned so that children can practice at home.

Training Required

Training in the Incredible Years series of interventions is offered through workshops conducted by The Incredible Years Certified Trainers. Trainings are available at the Incredible Years office in Seattle, Washington or organizations can request on-site training (maximum of 30 trainees). Certification as an Incredible Years provider involves both the initial training and meeting additional certification steps.

The Incredible Years currently offers the following certifications: (1) Parent Group Leader Certification, (2) Dinosaur Child Small Group Leader Certification, (3) Classroom Dinosaur Group Leader Certification, and (4) Group Leader of Teacher Classroom Management.

Materials needed to deliver The Incredible Years interventions vary according to program, but generally include materials such as leader manuals, DVDs, audio CDs, parent books, children’s books, take-home assignments and activities, teacher and parent letters, and various accessories such as puppets, stickers, games, and magnets.

For more information on training and resources, including cost information, contact The Incredible Years administrators (888-506-3562 or 206-285-7565; Information about training workshops also can be viewed on The Incredible Years “Workshop Description” webpage. Price information for program materials also can also be viewed on The Incredible Years Price Sheet and Order Form.

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