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Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices (formerly known as Preparing for the Drug Free Years) is a five-session workshop for caregivers of children ages 9-14 (grades 4-8). The program focuses on drug prevention, though it also focuses on reducing other types of child behavior problems as well. The program teaches parents effective family management and communication skills to assist in improving the parent-child bond and increase family involvement.


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Developmental Phases

  • Early Adolescence

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How it Operates

Each session of the Guiding Good Choices workshop lasts 2 hours and sessions are typically held weekly. Workshop providers can be any community member (e.g., teachers, parent educators) who feels comfortable leading parent groups and who has received certified training in the Guiding Good Choices curriculum. Workshop sessions utilize workbooks and video-based discussion modules. Four of the five sessions are parent-only while the fifth session includes both the parent and the child. The following topics are addressed across Guiding Good Choices’ five-session workshop:

Session 1: Getting Started: How to Prevent Drug Abuse in Your Family

Session 2: Setting Clear Family Expectations on Drugs and Alcohol

Session 3: Avoiding Trouble

Session 4: Managing Family Conflict

Session 5: Strengthening Family Bonds

Training Required

A three-day training course, conducted by the Channing Bete Company, is required for an individual to serve as a Guiding Good Choices workshop leader. Training for providers is administered by certified trainers in order to maintain program fidelity. Training resources include the Core Program or the Workshop Leader’s Package (includes the Core Program and 25 Family Guides). Many program materials are available in both Spanish and English and can be ordered via the website. For current training and resources cost information contact Guiding Good Choices program administrators or view the Guiding Good Choices Program Components and Pricing web page. The Channing Bete Company website lists the following contact for additional training information:

Dr. Dorothy Ghylin, 81 NW Doncee Drive, Bremerton, WA 98311-9110. Phone: 360-649-8903 (mobile) or 360-692-9986. Fax 360-613-0726. Email:

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