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Effective reading instruction

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Principles for Promoting Effective Reading Instruction in Promise Neighborhoods Schools

The Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon recently articulated four principles for effective reading instruction.

  • Reading Practices Should Be Designed, Implemented, and Sustained at a Schoolwide Level and with Strong and Stable Support from the Community

To ensure that all students are readers, especially by third grade, reading practices should be designed, implemented, and sustained at a schoolwide level. Only when a schoolwide system is establish for all students can we differentiate instruction to ensure that each student becomes a successful reader.

  • Schoolwide Reading Practices Must be Prevention Oriented

The goal of schoolwide reading practices should be to prevent reading difficulties from occurring. Prevention is supremely more effective and efficient than trying to catch children up who are already behind.

  • Reading Practices Should be Guided and Informed by Solid Scientific Evidence

There is a compelling and extensive scientific knowledge base in beginning reading. The adoption and implementation of reading practices should be guided and informed by solid scientific evidence.

  • Data-Based Student Performance Decision-Making Must be Results Focused

The ultimate goal of schoolwide reading practices is to increase student outcomes. Decision making should be driven by objective data.