Connecting with Researchers

Many of the scientists involved in PNRC were working with neighborhoods to provide insight for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of programs used even before we formed the Consortium. As we have increased our work with the Consortium, our scientists have connected with more neighborhoods. In this regard, one role of the Consortium is to support individual scientists who collaborate with individual neighborhoods.

PNRC scientists are eager to provide their time, expertise, and insight with neighborhoods across the nation to help them seek federal funds for evidence-based youth programs. For example, a number of PNRC scientists are currently working with neighborhood organizations in response to the recently released grant application from the Department of Education for Promise Neighborhoods Planning Grants.

The PNRC wants our efforts to be visible. Therefore, our website includes a posted list of these scientists and the neighborhoods they are helping.

Obviously, we hope that having our scientists involved in preparing applications will help neighborhoods succeed. Nevertheless there is certainly no guarantee that our help will make the difference.

As a registered user, you will soon be able to link with scientists all over the nation who share your interest. To register, please click here.