What We Offer

What Works

Research shows that it is possible for neighborhoods and communities to help every young person become a successful, productive, and caring adult.

Help for Neighborhood Serving Organizations

PNRC researchers are evaluating a new approach to helping neighborhood organizations build strong supportive teamwork within the organization and with residents of the neighborhood.

Community of Neighborhoods

Find out how other neighborhoods solved similar problems. And help them solve theirs.

Collecting, Managing, Analyzing, and Reporting Neighborhood Data

Our user-friendly guide to data collection, management, and analysis, if you would like to implement our measurement system.

Connecting with Researchers

Get connected with the PNRC or other interested researchers to get help for your neighborhood.

Promote Your Organization and Neighborhood

By letting the world know about your organization, your neighborhood or both, you can improve your chances in getting more help.

How You Can Help

Join the growing circle of people who are working to fulfill the promise of this nation for every young person. Network with neighborhood organizations, neighborhood organizations, neighborhood residents, policymakers, funders and concerned citizens to work together