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Evidence-Based Programs, Policies, and Practices to Help Achieve the Promise Neighborhood Initiative Core Results

This document links each Recommended Core Result (A through L) specified by the Promise Neighborhood Institute with programs, policies, and practices the Promise Neighborhoods Research Consortium (PNRC) has identified as affecting those outcomes. The matrix on the following page indicates programs that have been shown in multiple randomized controlled trials to affect one, or typically more than one, of the specified outcomes. The specified programs by no means exhaust the list of programs offering these benefits. We restricted the list ...

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Research Design Issues for Evaluating Complex Multicomponent Interventions in Neighborhoods and Communities


Living in high-poverty neighborhoods is a major risk factor for several mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, as well as other developmental challenges and physical health problems. Despite increasing evidence that significant improvements in the life trajectories of at-risk young people are now possible, actual wellbeing lags far behind, especially in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty. Major advances in public health will not occur unless we translate existing knowledge into effective multicomponent interventions, implement these in high-poverty neighborhoods, and develop rigorous ...

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The Evaluation and Research Infrastructure for Comprehensive Prevention

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Research on prevention, treatment, and education has brought us to the point where very significant improvements in the life trajectories of at-risk young people are possible. [1, 2] Major advances in public health are especially likely if we can translate existing knowledge into effective, multicomponent packages of interventions in high-poverty neighborhoods where psychological, social, and behavioral problems are concentrated. However, new evaluation and research strategies will be needed if the promise ...

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