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A Day at a Positive Action School

Posted on May 25, 2011, by cody

Carol Gerber Allred, Ph.D., President/Developer of Positive Action, Inc., has sent us this wonderful essay about a typical day at a Positive Action (PA) school. You can learn more about PA on the PNRC website or on the website for Positive Action, a successful evidence-based practice. It is Monday morning about a half an hour [...]

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Reframing School Discipline from “Who is to blame” To “How can we support each other to be more successful?”

Posted on May 21, 2011, by cody

Dr. Jeffrey Sprague, Professor of Special Education, Director of the University of Oregon Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior, is currently the Principal Investigator of a NIDA research grant and co-investigator of three Institute of Education Sciences Goal 2 projects. He seems to be one of the busiest people on the planet, so we are [...]

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The Importance of Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders

Posted on May 12, 2011, by cody

Tony Biglan, Co-Director of the PNRC, has written this timely message for our Journal. Recent Institute of Medicine reports on prevention and treatment1-3 document the extensive progress made in prevention of most mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Exponential growth in the number of randomized controlled trials over the past 15 years has delineated programs and [...]

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