Partner Organizations

Oregon Research Institute

Oregon Research Institute (ORI) is a charitable 501(c) 3 organization created in 1960 and dedicated entirely to the study of human behavior. Through rigorous scientific investigations, ORI research scientists study such topics as behavioral problems in children, chronic physical illness in adults, teen substance abuse, and adolescent depression. Our research fosters greater understanding of the causes, prevention, and treatment of social and medical problems, ultimately enhancing quality of life and productivity for people of all ages. Our work directly affects everyone by providing effective tools for better health and education.

1715 Franklin Boulevard
Eugene, Oregon 97403

Oregon State University Department of Health and Human Services

Guided by the signature “Taking Care of Life”, faculty and students in the College of Health and Human Sciences are responding to some of the most challenging issues facing us today, focusing on prevention strategies to promote healthy living across the lifespan…from healthy children to healthy aging.

More than 100 faculty members, 2600 undergraduate and 200 graduate students are involved in teaching, research and outreach programs that address optimal nutrition for health, overcoming poverty and hunger, changing inactive lifestyles, improving the lives of children and older adults at-risk, preventing disease, addressing public policy and access to health care, and maximizing environmentally friendly materials and structures.

The fourth largest college at OSU was created in 2002 with the merger of the College of Health and Human Performance and the College of Home Economics. Total annual external funding for the College is $15 million.

PAXIS Institute

PAXIS Institute helps individuals, organizations, and communities achieve a higher level of productivity, peace, health, and emotional wellbeing. We diligently search for best practices from around the globe. They find, develop, test, teach, and distribute simple, practical, scientific solutions to a variety of problems.

We use both new and traditional systems to deliver knowledge, tools, procedures, instruction, and support. We develop custom solutions to difficult community or population-level problems. At the PAXIS Institute, they search for ways to test and apply the most precious gifts of all -- knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, so that we may all live safe, productive and rewarding lives.

RTI International

RTI International is one of the world's leading research institutes, dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. Our staff of more than 2,800 provides research and technical expertise to governments and businesses in more than 40 countries in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, energy and the environment, and laboratory and chemistry services.

Health research is our largest single field of study, encompassing research that ranges from studies of the human genome and the development of new drug compounds to national surveys of health behaviors and the implementation of global health programs.

Building on our extensive research expertise and working with staff members at RTI Health Solutions, our commercial subsidiary, we form multidisciplinary teams to meet the special needs of our clients.

Whether we are evaluating the economic benefits of new health coverage plans or developing new drugs to treat cancer, our researchers and scientists work to improve all aspects of human health.

University of Florida Institute for Child Health Policy

The Institute for Child Health Policy brings together a multidisciplinary faculty from the University of Florida to conduct innovative and rigorous science to inform policy to promote and protect the health of children and adolescents. Department of Health Outcomes & Policy in the College of Medicine serves as an important support infrastructure for the Institute for Child Health Policy and is the academic home for many of its faculty members from diverse disciplines who wish to pursue a career primarily focused on research and education for child and adolescent health.

University of Minnesota Department of Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology is a national leader in research, teaching and service. Our highly acclaimed faculty is noted for excellence. Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota represents a diverse and multifaceted program of student with five graduate-level tracks.

Educational psychology involves the study of cognitive, emotional, and social learning processes that underlie education and human development across the lifespan. Research in educational psychology advances scientific knowledge of those processes and their application in diverse educational and community settings. The department provides training in the psychological foundations of education, research methods, and the practice and science of counseling psychology, school psychology, and special education. Faculty and students provide leadership and consultation to the state, the nation, and the international community in each area of educational psychology. The department’s scholarship and teaching enhance professional practice in schools and universities, community mental health agencies, business and industrial organizations, early childhood programs, and government agencies.

University of South Carolina Parenting and Family Research Center

The PFRC conducts research on strategies aimed at enhancing the well-being of children and families, preventing child maltreatment and children’s social, emotional, behavioral, and health problems, and understanding contextual factors affecting children and families. The PFRC partners with other institutions nationally and internationally to pursue its mission.

Concentric Sky

Concentric Sky offers web development and consulting services with a focus on emerging technologies such as Social Media and the iPhone. Concentric Sky has worked closely with PNRC scientists to create the interactive PNRC website to provides resources for policymakers, community members, individuals, researchers, and others who are trying to make their neighborhoods better places to raise their children to be successful.

Center on Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon

The Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a community of scholars whose mission is to conduct, translate, and disseminate research that focuses on the solutions and resolutions to serious but practical problems in school systems, including classrooms, schools, special education settings, and school districts. CTL seeks to advance the understanding and use of the most rigorous scientific evidence and research-based practices to prevent and intercept the academic difficulties that many school-aged children experience, particularly in subjects such as beginning reading, reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics, and selected content areas. The primary focus of this research group is the role of curriculum, instruction, and assessment as individual elements that interact in school systems. CTL's research and outreach includes school-based experimental research, model demonstration projects, and large-scale professional development and technical assistance.

Emory University

Emory University is an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care and social action.

The university is recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts college, superb professional schools and one of the Southeast's leading health care systems.

This is a time of dynamic change on campus, where the future is being guided by an ambitious strategic plan, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads.

Emory maintains an uncommon balance for an institution of its standing: it generates more research funding than any other Georgia university, while maintaining its traditional emphasis on teaching. The university is enriched by the legacy and energy of Atlanta, and by collaboration among its schools, units and centers, as well as with affiliated institutions.

Community Mental Health Council

For over 30 years, Community Mental Health Council, Inc. (The Council) has helped tens of thousands of individuals and families who struggle with the challenges of mental illness. We have conducted groundbreaking research that examines the effects of race, culture and ethnicity on behavioral healthcare issues. We have provided thousands of hours of education and consulting services to the community, professionals, public entities and other not-for-profit organizations. But our most important effort has been restoring health and hope to people who believed those notions were unattainable.

The Council has built a global reputation of providing quality, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, behavioral health and wellness services to consumers and their families. Guided by a “spirited and committed” volunteer Board of Directors and led by internationally renowned psychiatrist, author and educator, Carl C. Bell, M.D., along with a dedicated team of professionals, our primary mission is SAVING LIVES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

8704 South Constance
Chicago, Illinois 60617