Success for Every Young Person

Every young person can succeed and research shows how we can make that possible in every neighborhood.

What Works to Help Every Young Person Succeed

Our team of more than thirty scientists has summarized what works to help every young person succeed.

A Network of Neighborhoods

We are building a network of neighborhoods that can help each other get resources and implement effective programs, policies, and practices.

Help for Neighborhood Serving Organizations

PNRC researchers offer a new approach to helping neighborhood organizations build strong supportive teamwork within the organization and with residents of the neighborhood.

A Neighborhood Check-Up

Get a check-up that tells you how your neighborhood is doing in making sure that every young person succeeds and what you can do to strengthen support for young people through research-based practices.

We are a team of prevention scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop scientific infrastructure and support for the Promise Neighborhoods initiative, as well as other initiatives to promote health and wellbeing within distressed neighborhoods. We are not affliliated with the Department of Education and the recently released Promise Neighborhoods RFP, but offer this website as a resource to those who are applying for planning grants.


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